AI-Driven Environmental, Social, &
Governance (ESG) Insights for Private Equity

Generate Standardized ESG Reports for Private and Public Companies

Our Products

Our ESG Data API provides quantitative asset managers, hedge funds, and academic researchers
with tools to carry out smart beta portfolio construction and risk management strategies.

Environmental Data


GHG Emissions
Energy Management
Water & Wastewater
Waste & Hazardous Materials
Environmental Fines

Social Data


Employee Engagement
Diversity & Inclusion
Human Capital Statistics
Employee Turnover
Women in Workforce
Minorities in Workforce

Governance Data


Business ethics
Political donations
Community spending
Board of directors statistics

Seamless Integration: Run the Code!

import dataesg
data=dataesg.get_by_ticker(api_key='abcd-1234-abcd-1234', ticker='MMM')

How It Works

Our scalable machine-learning infrastructure turns unstructured data from companies' reports,
SEC filings, interviews, news reports, and satellite imagery into structured data.
Directly integrate our alpha-generating ESG metrics into your investment portfolios.


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Our Customers

Customers use DATAESG to feed their machine learning algorithms,
power their investment portfolios, perform competitive benchmarking, etc.

Quantitative Asset Managers

Quantitative Asset Managers use ESG Dataand Insights to construct portfolios, generate alpha, carry out smart beta portfolio construction and risk management strategies, etc.

Quantitative Hedge Funds

Hedge Funds use ESG Data & Insights forportfolio construction & analysis, relative value analysis,competitive benchmarking, risk management, etc.

Robo - Advisors

Robo - Advisors use ESG Data and Insights to power their machine learning algorithms and applications, track portfolio performances across ESG metrics, etc.

Academic Research

Academic personnel/students use our gratis ESG Data to learn and invest, monitor individual companies' ESG performances, perform positive and negative screening, etc.

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